How to get the SCM player to working

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It looks like the orignal SCM player website is back up. You can still use this guide if you want to host this player on your own server instead of depending on some kid who can’t even pay his server bill to host it for you. ;-)


If you were using the SCM music player (like me) for your web pages and websites, you were probably pissed off (like me) when you saw that it suddenly quit working. Well it looks like the website that was hosting the script was shut down and now the url forwards to My guess is that they were shut down because the script was allowing users to stream audio from any

Here are some of the reasons I think the SCM music player was the best:

-You could make a playlist with multiple formats not just mp3s.

-The playlist continued to play as you would navigate through the website

- The start volume was adjustable.

- It came with great skins

-You could add the audio from youtube videos directly to your playlist

If  you are using the script on a website that’s hosted on your server then there is no need for you to continue reading this. This guide is for us who have tumblr pages and other web pages that are not hosted on our server that we want to use this script. BELOW ARE INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO GET THE THE SCM PLAYER TO WORK ON YOUR TUMBLR PAGE. (took me a few hours to figure out).

1.) Download the SCM Music Player from HERE >>>

2.) Open the FTP client. create a folder in your public_html called. SCMmusic. If you don’t have a host or a server GET ONE! (or find a free host)folderftpexample.jpg

3.) Upzip the files you downloaded in Step 1, unzip the file, open the foler and upload the contents to the SCMmusic folder you created in step 2.

4.) Access the script by typing to url path to your SCMmusic folder. So it should be something like “

5.) Go through the steps presented on the page to create your play list and click the “Done” button at the bottom to get your embed code. (This would be the last step if you are using the script on an website hosted on your server. But for those who want to use this on Tumblr, continue to step 6.

6.) Copy the embed code to a text document for editing. (For some reason, the script appends an extra “/player/” folder in the url path for the script.) Remove the ‘/player’ from the top of the embed code


7.) change the url paths in your embed code to complete url paths the point to your website server. This is how your embed code should look when finished


8.) Locate the script.php file in your SCMmusic foler and make changes using a text-editor.

9.) Starting on line 9 inside the ‘script.php’ file delete the php call ‘<?php  ?> and everything between it.


And then replace that with the actual url path to your  containter.php file. It should look like this.


10.) Take the code you copied to your text document on step 6 and paste it under the <body> tag on your tumblr theme or webpage of your desire.

POW!!  You’re Done.

if you have any questions e-mail me

-Big Notch

Written by bignotch


My name is Joshua Howard. I’m a Web Developer, a Musician, and a Blogger from New Orleans. I enjoy sunset, long walks on the beach, and tons of nerdy stuff. I hope you find this article useful.

  • Joe

    I have been using Adrian’s SCM for a year.

    You grab his source code without a reference and take credit for yourself?

    Probably the most retarted “designer” I have ever seen. And your site is ugly.

    • bignotch

      No, actually I make it known on this blog entry that I did NOT create the script from scratch. Are you blind?… or are you just that stupid. It’s kinda obvious with the whole “SCM Player” in the title isn’t it? Maybe that’s not obvious enough for someone as stupid as you. I link wasn’t given because his website was shut down at the time. It seems to be back up now, but I don’t give a fuck. I’m not changing this post. This post is for people who want to host the script on their own server and how to get it to work since it doesn’t without a little tweaking.

      By the way, Before you come on my website to call me a ‘retarted designer’…. make sure you learn how to spell the word “Retarded”. Ok? Thanks.


  • Adrian

    Hey I am the creater of SCM Music Player, just come over this blog from search engine.

    Yea it was in a total mess for a whole week. This gave me a good lesson and I wont let that happen again. At the time I was was busying with my coursework, and never expected the rapid rise of users, hence crashed my hosting account.

    After having a private server it is doing much better right now. Thanks for the detailed tutorial, and just to let you know that the latest version of my source code has fixed all the bugs mentioned.


    • bignotch

      Adrian I’m glad u posted here. BTW, I got your e-mail response also. This script is great and has so much more potential. I downloaded and used your latest script and still have a couple of issues.

      1.) The Player does not work when used in Internet Explorer. Personally, I hate IE and hardly use it, but as a studying web developer, I know that it is still the most widely used browser. So having your player work on IE is essential to the growth of your project and recognition.

      It actually seems to be a problem with Internet Explorer’s security feature. It disables the script from running properly, and gives an error message about ‘Cross-Scripting’. I guess you’ll have to find a work-around.

      2.) The Updated code works fine when using the player that it’s hosted on. However, if trying to use the script on an exteranl website, the script causes the page to not load and gives ‘not found error.

      Works fine when using the script from your website, which is what you would want I guess.


  • SteveB

    It does work in IE, if the security settings are reset for trusred sites. Pain in the butt

  • Aska

    I can’t understand it. The Ftp client, public_html thing-y. Help me guys please :)

    • BigNotchasGuest

      well, what don’t you understand? I’m assuming you don’t even have a web host or a personal server.

  • BigNotchasGuest

    well, what don’t you understand? I’m assuming you don’t even have a web host or a personal server.

  • Kenai

    This works perfectly for me! (i am using Safari only to test right now) I understood everything he said – great post!

  • Kenai

    This works perfectly for me! (i am using Safari only to test right now) I understood everything he said – great post!

  • Nika

    Can you post the scm player on imvu

  • Tyklo

    and three years later… its happened again t(-_-t)

  • Thiago Miro

    The RSS Feed for SCm Music is not working. Could you please put the file avaible for download again?